Cheeky Christmas Wish Lists: Bar d’O’s Joey Arias, Sherry Vine and Raven O

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All the hand-wringing about gentrification, and the nostalgia about a more daring time in NYC nightlife doesn’t, of course, really solve anything. What does make a difference is making sure the show goes on, whatever else happens to be going on around us.

So don’t let all the terrible news “drag” your holiday down – instead, plan to glam it up with Joey Arias, Sherry Vine and Raven O at the 13th Annual Bar d’O reunion this December 17 at Indochine. The latter, of course, remains Gotham’s most glamorous restaurant ever – having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014 with a star-studded bash. So there could be no better place to host NYC’s most glam night out. There will be three fabulous sets of the legendary drag cabaret (10pm, 11pm, midnight) – all sure to be equally sexy, scandalous and utterly spectacular.

But to get properly in the holiday spirit leading up to the big event, we asked all three of its stars to give us their Christmas wish lists for 2017 – and, no surprise, Superman makes the list.


Sherry Vine

I  I’ve been trying to find a stocking big enough that Joe Manganiello can fit into!
2  A lifetime supply of Absolute Purple by Il Makiage (they’ve discontinued it!)
3  A bottle of my fave fragrance: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid
4  Did I mention Joe Manganiello in a stocking, under the tree, behind the Menorah? Help a “lady” out!

Joey Arias

1  A check for $5,000,000 – is that asking too much???
2  A gift certificate to Louboutin – unlimited, of course!
3  A prescription for antibiotics against that nasty STD!

Raven O

1  Henry Cavill
2  The body I had 15 years ago
3  The memory I had in my teens